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Fix a Sceptre LCD Monitor

Page history last edited by MrTundraMan 11 years ago

Fix a Dead Sceptre LCD Monitor


  • Symptoms:
    • Started with occasionally not powering on,
    • Progressed to never turning on.
  • Cheapo LCD monitor.
  • Uses low quality capacitors or bad design - prone to failure.
  • Mild smell of damaged caps.
  • Procedure requires removing and replacing capacitors - needs soldering iron and solder.



  • Mine is X9G-NavaV model



  • There only two screws to open case. They remove front. Comes off pretty easy.
  • Display snaps out at sides.
    • Display remains attached to metal frame. Don't unscrew from metal frame.
    • Carefully pry along sides separating bezel from rear plastic piece.
    • Unplug cable that goes to front bezel.



  • Bezel should be set aside.
  • Here's the screws in case you forget where they go 
    • Upper left - 2- attach back
    • Upper right - 6 - attach base to back (don't need to remove, but it's easier
    • Lower left - 2 - hold in power jack
    • Lower right - 3 - hold in PCB 
    • Put screws in ziplock.



  • Ground wire - remove screw. Wire is on lug.



  • Reinstall screw for now to not lose it.



  • Base after removing screws.



  • Base attachment. I removed it, but it does not need to be removed.



  • 4 cables - carefully slide out.
  • Another cable on the other side.



  • Stand up caps are bulged up at the top.
  • Caps may have slight smell.



  • Unsolder caps.
    • White RTV looks like bathtub caulk. May need to carefully remove with xacto knife. 
    • Use solder sucker or wick.
    • Don't bust nearby etches.



  • Caps and RTV.


  • Replace caps with new ones. Replacement part specs:
    • 1000 uF, 16V part
      • Higher voltage, same capacitance is OK.
    • Low ESR caps used for switching P/S.
    • Higher temp rating is much better, prefer 105 deg C over 85 deg C.
    • Lead pitch, diameter and height important.
    • Make sure polarity is right. It matters. A lot.
    • Don't cause shorts.
    • Mouser
  • Removed caps close-up
    • Parts were 105 deg C 
    • Note RTV stuck on the parts
    • These are not all that old - date code looks like 38th week of 2005 (5 years to failure)
    • Not sure what voltage these are being run at.
    • Higher voltage parts with same  specs might be better
    • Does PS stay on all the time? Power strip to shut off may help.


  • CapXon KF series, 1000 uF, 16V specs
    • Size 10 mm (dia) x 20 mm (height)
    • Ripple 1350
    • Impedance 0.065 ohms
    • Lead pitch 5 mm
  • Panasonic equivalent is EEU-FR1C102
  • Got new part in three days.
  • Installed - make sure stripe marked on PCB goes to ground (-) side of cap. 



  • Put plastic shield under the PCB.
  • Attach PCB to base.
  • Attach ground wire. I forgot and had to disassemble.
  • Screw in the power plug. It sits "weirdly" straddling in front of the metal plate which has threaded holes.
  • Put LCD into back.
  • Attach wire to bezel.
  • Screw back to front. Only 2 screws seems weak to me...
  • Result:






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